What would you want to do if you had a perfect credit score?  Well, you would probably have a really nice home with a mortgage that has a fantastic rate.  You may even get nice plasma, LCD, or LED TVs in every single room, and really only pay a minimal amount for them each month since you could get them on credit.  Of course driving the car you want at a fantastic interest rate  on your car loan would be a nice perk, too.  Those are the kinds of things I would do if my credit score was perfect on the credit score scale.

Are you interested in what perfect credit scores are and how to get one?  The highest score that you can get on the credit score scale is 850.  Most people don’t have that, and a “good” credit score is considered anything above 700.  The average credit score is around 670.  Hopefully with those numbers you don’t need to see a credit score chart or credit score ratings, but you can evaluate yours based on those numbers.  A tri merge credit report is a great place to gather your mean credit score.  Only you know how your credit score compares to those numbers, but if you want to know how to improve credit score and your credit report, then here are some tips for you.

At some point everyone asks “how can I improve my credit score” – no matter how high or low it may be.  The first thing you can do is check credit score information for yourself and for your spouse if you are married, since you both probably share some of the finances.  You have probably heard commercials that offer free credit score, or a free credit report and score, but often times those require you to sign up for a monthly service that you will have to pay for, so be sure to read the fine print.  If you haven’t checked your credit report in over a year, you are entitled to a free credit report once per year from each of the 3 credit agencies, Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax.  You can go to their website to get information on getting your free credit report, without charge or signing up for some monthly fee service.

It is pretty tough to find a free credit score online.  The credit reports and credit scores are two different things, and while you can get the credit reports for free, it is a lot harder to find a place online that lets you check your credit score for free.  My bank online used to allow me to check my credit score online, but they no longer have that free credit score online offer.  As long as the information in your credit report starts looking better, then your credit score will also start looking better.

Once you check your credit reports, you will want to dispute any incorrect information in there, and get to work on ways to erase bad credit that you might have.  Sometimes there are duplicate accounts, which if negative, can impact you twice as much, so be sure to take care of any delinquencies in the credit report.

After that, just pay down your debt and pay your bills for your debts on time, and you will begin to see your credit reports look better and you’ll see your credit score go higher and higher.