It is a sad fact of life that accidents happen. You may take every step possible to prevent them, but unfortunately it is impossible to go through life without experiencing some unforeseen events. Things entirely out of your control can cause you or your loved ones severe physical harm.  In this instance, personal injury insurance will help your family to pay the bills while you recover from the injuries of the accident. When financial planning, personal injury insurance is one of the things in life that you will rarely use, but the few times it is needed, it can be a lifesaver.

Why have Personal Injury Insurance?

Especially with the tough economic times, it may seem like a waste of money to pay for insurance that you have never used. Many people make it quite far in life without needed personal injury insurance. At some point in everybody’s life there comes an unexpected circumstance. Personal injury insurance doesn’t just help you out if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence. In the case of a sudden death in the family, your insurance settlement may help you pay for the funeral expenses. Or if you are injured, it can cover the cost of child care services necessary while you stay in the hospital. As with all insurance, you will find that writing the check to the insurance company each month is painful, especially for insurance you have never used. There is never a time when you will want to use your personal injury insurance, but when needed, it is something that is hard to live without. Be sure to choose a reliable insurance and ask for advice from people close to you.

When Insurance Companies don’t Pay

Insurance companies are out to make a profit. Although they realize that happy customers are a part of that, sometimes the insurance company will try to make a few extra bucks by either denying your claim or significantly underestimating the amount of money you need in order to properly recover. if this is the case, it’s time to lawyer up and find a Boston personal injury attorney. Often times there mere threat of a lawsuit from an actual lawyer will cause the insurance company to rethink things and settle for a much larger sum than they had initially agreed to part with.  If not, a good Boston personal injury lawyer will be able to take your case into court and force the insurance company to pay you the money you need in order to recover from your situation.