The Options Trader Newsletter from MarketWatch is written by options strategist Lawrence G. McMillan who is a publisher of options trading newsletters. McMillan has authored a few books on options such as McMillan On Optionsand Profit with Options. But the good thing is that he is not just a writer. McMillan works at his own hedge fund, McMillan Strategic Partners, as a portfolio manager. McMillan has also been quoted several times by the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s magazine. He has made a good living from his options trading success.

Expert Analysis and Trading Guidance

The MarketWatch Options Trader offers expert analysis with the invaluable strategies, slip-ups and guidance from a highly accomplished options strategist. Options traders read this newsletter to get ideas that can be immediately made use of on options plays. The newsletter has asserted that it provides an education on the options markets to assist newbies in options trading to make money.  Additionally, the Options Trader newsletter does a good job of showing how psychological issues affect trading. Moreover, the newsletter is true to its title and focuses only on options. It does not get distracted by occasionally talking about any other financial instrument that can make a good profit.

The MarketWatch Options Trader newsletter ranks high for profitable information that is timely and at a lower cost at just $99 annually. It is worth the money, but it must be noted that there are a lot of newsletters out there that cover options and other financial instruments. However, the world of options trading is very complex with spread trading and hedging methods and a lot of stock market traders will like a magazine that is dedicated to options to gain a better understanding and make money while learning. Furthermore, the newsletter has many recommendations that are straight-out option buys.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Options Trading

The Options Trader newsletter is a comprehensive guide on options trading with coverage on buying put and call options to risk-hedging trades. This type of reporting on options trading will not be offered on the Motley Fool newsletter or the’s Real Money. Most of these newsletters like MavenTown Trading Floor are far more expensive, but they do offer more insights that will make it worth the money. But a lot of options traders agree that a newsletter dedicated to options trading is very useful.

There are in-depth stock trading strategies that are outlined for readers to take instantaneous action. The newsletter is also written in a way that is easy to understand. In addition to options trading ideas, there are tips on trade maintenance, Wall Street trends and charts for technical analysis. The newsletter gives advice on developments that can affect trading and trading floor insights. Subscribers will enjoy the succinct discussions that are included in the newsletter that cover a topic of interest – for instance, a market sector that is gaining a lot of option interest or a recent volatility product.

MarketWatch Options Trader has a free 30 day trial to help you discover the world of options trading and at the same time try out one of the best options newsletters. It has been identified as giving readers the best chance to make profitable options trading moves.

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