Everyone needs that well deserved R&R, especially if you’re a couple (with or without kids) that needs to decompress from the stress of work and/or family, and catch up on your romance.  So here’s are some great ideas for couples to have a romantic getaway, for not-alotta-money!

Resort vacations are great for couples on a budget. There are plenty of resorts that offer a place to sleep, access to a beach and pools, food, and airfare for less than $1,000 a person per week. The Caribbean and Central America are great places for resorts that have great rates for both on-season and off-season packages, plus even cheap holiday deals . If you want to avoid crowds, try to travel during an off peak time. Avoid the Spring Break and Christmas peak travel times in the Caribbean. You can find lower rates during off peak times during the fall and early summer.

National Parks
Flying is expensive, but given the cost of gas, so is driving to another state. To save some money on your next vacation, consider visiting a park in your home state. National Parks make great cheap vacations for couples. Arizona’s Grand Canyon and California’s Yosemite are popular parks, but if you want a little more seclusion, try a less popular park. Consider the beautiful seaside Point Reyes National Seashore in California or the dramatic views of Wyoming’s Grand Tetons. These parks offer romantic and inexpensive getaways.

If you enjoy music, local culture, and seasonal celebrations, think about spending a romantic weekend away at a festival. Burning Man Festival in Nevada is a huge festival full of unlimited self expression. If you want something a little quieter, consider a food festival like the National Cherry Festival in Michigan. No matter what you are interested in, you are likely to find a festival devoted to it. There are film festivals, state fairs, and celebrations of history. Even the biggest and most expensive festivals do not charge more than a few hundred dollars to enjoy them.

Road Trips
If you want to explore your own country from the comfort of your car, try a road trip. Although gas can be expensive, a road trip can be a relatively inexpensive kind of trip. When you travel, make sure to take a different route home so that you can see more landmarks during your trip. For those who plan to rent a car, find the best car rental deals.

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