We all grocery shop! For some it is a wonderful fun experience, and for other’s it’s a dreaded chore. But we can all agree we would love to cut down on our Grocery bill.

Here are some following ways to lower your grocery bill.

1. Never Grocery Shop while hungry. – You will add a lot more unhealthy food to your grocery cart and spend an additional 10% more than you would have normally. So eat a snack or start shopping after a meal.

2.Shop with a List and Stick to it. If you just wander the isles aimlessly browsing to add things to your cart, you will spend more than you need to. And if you shop several times per week – this could really add up in dollars your spending.

3. Use Coupons – Either look on line for coupons to print or check your local flyers and newspapers. Watch the shelves for tearpad coupons as well.

4. Flyer Watch: The day your flyers get delivered – spend a while cruising the flyers and circle the items that have great buys. Shopping Sales can save you an average of 25% off. You can either choose to shop each store individually or learn to price match and simply shop at one store where price matching is allowed.

5. Get to Know your prices :Create a price book if possible. Once you know that your peanut butter is the best price at $2.99 for example – you’ll stop buying it at regular price of $3.99.

6. Buy more at Low Price: If you find a great deal on your favorite cereal. – Don’t be scared to buy a few extra box’s. This is how you save ¬†money in the long run. Most sales cycles are 10-12 Weeks. So make sure you buy enough of this item to last you at least this long.

7. Shop Less Often. Each time you enter a store, the more potential you have at spending more money. Have a fun evening or two of creative eating by making dinner with what you have in your fridge and pantry.

8. Know your clearance sections: Analysis your favorite grocery stores,and drug stores and get to know where they hide the discount food. You can find lots of close to expiring food at a great discount price. Don’t be shy to buy some wilted spinach if it means you’ll save 70% off. You’ll just have to make sure you consume it soon. Don’t stock on clearance items as usually the expiry dates aren’t great. Simply Smart Shop.

9. Optimize on Points – So if your gaining points with membership cards, or buy using your mastercard – Do it. You’re already spending the money, so if you can be rewarded for being a customer, you should take advantage of this.

10. Bring your own bags – Many cities are now implementing bag charges of $0.05 , and over the course of 1 year, this could easily be a savings of $25.00. Not to mention it’s better for the environment.

By Theresa BruceBio:Theresa Bruce currently lives in Canada and has worked hard to become an expert in saving money through the use of getting free stuff and clipping coupons.