Office supplies such as stamps, paper, envelopes and computer supplies can be expensive. Try not to spend more than you have to and always do your part to help the environment, by recycling.  The same frugal thinking can apply for home-office services like broadband connection, conference calling and phone service – which can often be combined over broadband these days.

Printer paper can be used twice, as whenever possible you can print on the other side of a piece of paper that has already been used.

Look for sales and rebates; stores such as Staples and Office Depot frequently have specials on paper, often with the result that you get the paper for free. If you recycle an ink cartridge at Staples, for example, they will give you a free packet of paper.

Business cards can be costly and some companies offer free business cards, including Vista Print. You can also customize your order using their range of graphics and tools.

You will need somewhere to put your business cards and a cassette tape case is a good substitute for an actual business card holder. The case can be decorated and carried with you.

One of your biggest expenses can be office furniture, although it is actually possible to get it for free. Check the classified ads in your local paper, or sites such as Many people who buy new office furniture give away their old stuff, often in good condition.

If you need office furniture, look at the furniture in your home to see if it can be used or adapted in some way.

Those return addressed envelopes that you get with junk mail and catalogs can be used if you simply cover the window and address with a blank label. Write over the barcode with a black marker and the envelopes are ready to use.

Home office supplies can be expensive and the following tips will help you to cut costs. Address labels are not your biggest expense perhaps, but one way to save is to actually use those address labels that charities send to you. You are not obligated to donate to the charity, although it is perhaps nice to do so.

Printing companies can be expensive and you should always check around for the best rates, as well as asking about any special offers. Ask if the price would be lower if you supplied your own paper.

Brand name printer cartridges can be expensive and you can save money here by using either the store’s generic brand, or reconditioned cartridges. Using the reconditioned ones is also a great way to help protect the environment.

Most printers such as laser printers allow you to adjust the quality of setting and if something is being printed that does not need to be great quality, you can set your preferences to low or draft quality. This will potentially mean that your cartridge will last up to 50 percent longer.

Check your quality setting on your printer if you are printing a photograph, as many printers choose photo quality automatically. You can always change the quality setting back again, to save money. The above are just some of the ways you can save on home office supplies.