Printers are commonly used for business purposes as they help create professional-looking documents and ensure the most efficient handling of tasks. Printers are essential tools for productivity in the office and for creating documents that can set a good impression for your business. However in spite of the relevant purposes that printers can offer, it will still be important to make sure that the task will be accomplished without having to spend huge amount on printer ink and other consumables.

This article discusses some of the most cost-efficient printing ideas that you can follow to make sure that printing costs will not be the burdens that your business has to bear with.

1. Determine One-Time Expenses vs. Running Costs

There are printers that may seem to offer great deals because of the cheap price reflected by their one-time cost. However, there are deals that are just too good to be true so one has to be wise enough to determine long-term running costs beforehand. Pricing should not be the deciding factor if you want to save on office printing costs and keep in mind that oftentimes, low cost products come with drawbacks. Determine number of printouts that can be made per cartridge to make sure that you will not end up spending more on consumables each time you use your printing device.

2. Choose The Right Type Of Printer

Different offices have varying demands in terms of printing so you should know the type of printer that can offer cost-efficiency. Laser printers are most suitable for offices that print over 500 pages a month because the printer ink cartridges of these printers are specifically designed for large scale printing. On the other hand for setups wherein printers are used by different users while at the same time taking on heavy printing demands, inkjet printer is the smarter choice because its speed will not fail to print the files you need.

Aside from choosing between inkjet and laser printers, it will also be ideal to invest on colored printers even if black can suit your present requirements because for sure, demands will change in the long run especially if you will take into consideration promotional efforts for your business. When choosing colored printers, one that uses individual color cartridges is more preferred as it will avoid unnecessary waste and even spare you from long term expenses.

3. Be Smart On Cartridge Choice

There are important concerns that you should look into when choosing cartridges namely: Availability and Volume.

Availability of third-party cartridges will leave you with less reason to worry about your machine’s running cost even in the future. Beware of ink cartridges for printers that can only be supplied by chosen retail groups because limited supply would also mean higher prices, a drawback to avoid if you want to spend less on printing. Likewise, you should

also consider the ink cartridge volume and choose the one that suits your demands. Large volume cartridges are for heavy use so for offices that don’t print that much, regular cartridges are more preferred to avoid waste and unnecessary costs.

4. Know Valuable Industry Techniques

There are tried and proven tips followed in the industry that can really make cost-efficient printing possible. By changing your printer settings and turning on some money saving features, you will be able to print documents at the least cost. Putting your printer on Draft Mode may lose some print quality but it will also allow you to save as much as 50% of ink. Grayscale printing is another option that mostly uses black cartridge for printing to spare you from greater cost of color cartridges especially if you only need to print informal documents.

People who have businesses to manage often get the impression that it is just normal that a huge portion of their office expenses will be allotted for printing documents, files, promotional materials and the likes. However it can be possible to stay away from unnecessary spending especially if you will be able to practice cost-efficient printing habits. The above mentioned tips are some of the guidelines that you can follow to make sure that whether office printing takes on heavier loads, you will still be able to skip unwanted costs while delivering the results you want.

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