It is inevitable that as you grow old, your body becomes weaker and thus becomes more vulnerable to various illnesses and conditions. People in their late years are prone not only to physical illnesses but also to psychological and emotional conditions. An example would be those who suffer from the so-called “mid-life crisis” where depression and anxiety symptoms are common. To combat the downsides of aging, you can choose not to give in to anxiety and go out to see the world. There are a lot of places to see and enjoy without spending too much. You can very well set aside just a small part of your retirement pay to travel and see that the world has still much to offer. Here are just a few of such places you can go to.

1.  Mexico – If you are looking for a tropical retirement getaway, you should try Mexico. It has beautiful sandy beaches you can enjoy during lazy afternoons. If you are up to some adventure, you can trek mountains and explore Mayan ruins. With inexpensive cost of labor, you can hire a daily housekeeper or just a reliable guide to show you around. If you think wearing a “sombrero” on lazy afternoons is your idea of a perfect retirement, then Mexico is the place for you.

2. Thailand –Thailand is another tropical destination you might want to consider. The country has top-class beaches that attract tourists from all parts of the world. The food (balance of fundamental tastes – sweet, sour, bitter, salty) is also one of the things that lure most retirees. There is so much to see and explore. Take the Buddhist temples for example. Thailand also has excellent but affordable medical care.

3. Malaysia – It is perhaps the most welcoming destination for retirees in Asia. The country is proud of its diverse landscapes. Malaysia is surrounded with beautiful beaches and lush rainforests. Its government promotes tourism with such passion and enjoyment. It is even easier for foreign retirees to relocate into Malaysia through tax exemptions on pensions and easy issuance / renewal of multiple-entry visas.

4. Bulgaria – If Southern European retirement sounds appealing to you, you might want to consider Bulgaria. You can enjoy a variety of environments—from the hustle-bustle of the city capital to the small, peaceful, but sophisticated rural towns. You get to select which pristine, sandy beach to enjoy or which view of the snow-capped mountain are you going to relish the most. If you get tired from the sights and sounds, you can always retire in a nice cottage with a cozy fireplace in a little Bulgarian town.

5. South Africa – With its own share of magnificent beaches and the flat-topped Table Mountain overlooking its capital, South Africa is one of the top destinations of the continent. The country also boasts of its top shelf wines and safaris which every tourist or expatriate would enjoy without spending much. South Africa is also known for the inexpensive services of its highly skilled medical practitioners especially in the field of plastic surgery, which is reason enough for some to visit the country. Retirement should not be taken as a scary part of life. It should be looked forward to with excitement. This is the time to explore and create new experiences. The world awaits you. Plan now and plan well so that you can afford to spend the rest of your life in grand enjoyment.