Many people are looking for ways to maximize resources and keeping small business costs down. Below are ten tips on how to market your business for free.

Free Classifieds: Using free classified ad services for promotional marketing is a wise action to take. One can use national companies such as Craigslist or other options in his or her local area. A Google search will be helpful with the latter.

Press Release: A press release can effectively jump start a new business. If the company is planning something especially newsworthy, the information should be sent to local media venues. The press release should also be published online.

Reciprocal Advertising: One should also visit local business owners to see if reciprocal advertising is an option. Many people find that other companies are facing the same challenges and will welcome this opportunity.

Bartering: Trading goods or services for free advertising is also a practical option. In many cases one will find that this is more cost-effective than traditional advertising.

Social Media: Social media is a great way to spread the word about a new business. When used correctly it is a tremendous asset. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the best options in this category.

Article Marketing: Writing an article that is related to the service or product being promoted is a good strategy as well. It should be published online in article directories and contain meaningful content that establishes the business owner as an expert in the field.

Local Networking: Free networking events should be attended whenever possible. This provides an opportunity for business owners to market their company locally.

Outstanding Customer Service: Ensuring that one’s current clients are satisfied should not be overlooked. If they feel good about the service or product they will tell others.

Referrals: As previously mentioned, satisfied customers are the best marketing tool for which one can hope. Happy customers will spread the word.

Mailing Lists: Even in today’s modern world of cyberspace a mailing list is still an important tool. Such a list can be used to introduce information about new products or services, and those who subscribe should be offered special deals.

Hopefully these tips above will cover the range of free marketing techniques to drive some more business to you. Hopefully you’re already using some of them, and if not, then get cracking…time’s a’ wastin’!