Eventually your small business is going to need more room for its data storage just like you might need to store extra physical supplies in a business storage center. This information may include such things as emails, documents, graphics, audio and spreadsheets. Since these things can take up a lot of room you’ll need some small business data storage solutions for them.

The best way to decide which small business data storage solutions will work for you is by considering your capacity and location needs. Once you know what they are you will need to look at options that will best meet these needs. It’s also a good idea to create a plan that will grow with your business.

There are some actually some very important questions that you should ask yourself in order to determine the best small business data storage solutions:

How old is your data?

Is some of it so old that it’s now stale?

Is any of your data duplicated?

How fast do you need to access it?

Where do you need to access the information from?

Once you know what your needs are you’ll find lots of small business data storage solutions. There are lots of different options, including:

Flash memory or thumb drives are very mobile and can be connected to any computer’s USB drive.

External hard drives are a simple, inexpensive way to add an additional hard drive to your computer, which can then be used for storage purposes.

Online storage systems provide you with remote storage that offers a safe way to store large files that can then be accessed from any location.

Network-attached storage (a.k.a. NAS) is a quick, easy way to reliably access your data online.

Managed storage systems are an affordable way to get storage only when you need it, which is great if your business doesn’t have a lot of money available to invest in small business data storage solutions.

Ultimately you don’t want to wait until you’re desperate to find small business data storage solutions before choosing what will work best for your business. The time to start planning is now. Otherwise you’ll end up wasting both your time and your money later on.