With a market that is sluggish, or on a downward trend, it’s often hard to decide what to do to keep your investment portfolio growing by finding good stocks to invest in. Diversification is one way, we’ve heard that for years. And it’s still good advice, but there are ways to diversify besides buying stocks in different industries. You can also diversify by investing in vehicles that may be somewhat new to you. Make sure you take the time to educate yourself and learn to invest money safely, with understanding of the risks and rewards.

Some of the investment vehicles you may not have tried include exchange traded funds (ETFs), or currencies, or commodities. If you can’t invest directly in futures due to minimum investment levels, you can use ETFs like the natural gas ETFbiotech ETF and water ETF to participate in these areas of investing. There are ETFs for every type of vehicle in the market, and the fees are generally lower than mutual funds. You can also buy and sell an ETF like when you want to invest in silver stocks or other metals, with market or limit orders, for the same fee as a stock trade. Other areas you might consider investing are in real estate, or corporate or government bonds. These are also covered by many ETFs.

Finally, consider investing in overseas and international markets. Lately, the United States economy is slowing, and growth for many companies is happening overseas. While it’s not easy to trade on foreign exchanges, with certain trading experience you can learn to do that. You can find good stocks to invest in even overseas, by purchasing through ETFs, many of which will group stocks according to industry and country. Take some time to learn about new investing opportunities, and profit. There are many places that offer free and sound advice, with explanations about how to invest, as well as virtual trading accounts where you can play with fake money until you learn the ups and downs of the investment.

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